Bring a disabled persons cycling story to life!

Area of opportunity: Marketing
Opportunity description:

Our Wheels For All sessions are aimed at giving disabled adults and children the opportunity to ride a bike without disability being a barrier.

Our adapted cycling sessions offer disabled people a unique experience to get fit, have fun and feel a sense of freedom as they’re whizzing around our cycle track. Our biggest challenge is that speaking about the amazing disability cycling session is only as effective as the listener’s imagination, they need to see it, to believe it!

We would like someone to:

- create a short video for us about the project. This can be through a number of perspectives eg a day in the life of a participant or a day in the life of a participant with a disability, or why you should volunteer with us or why we are Salford’s hidden gem – we are open to suggestions
- come along for the day to one of the sessions to experience the project and gather footage
- edit the footage into a short 3-minute video for our website.

We will make sure you:

• have a consultation with the team about what we need, an overview of the charity and its work, a brief about the filming project and what our ideas area.
• have access to a good quality camera to use - we are happy for you to use more professional equipment if you have that available.

You will have the chance to:

• share your skills
• build your portfolio
• learn more about Wheels For All and Cycling Projects
• support the project to grow and develop
• meet new people
• gain a better understanding of the voluntary sector in the local area.

(*This opportunity may be suitable for a group opportunity, please contact the Skill Givers Project Coordinator for more information)

Difference this will make to the group:

Having a video showcasing our Salford Wheels For All session will support us in a number of ways:

- it will support us to market the project to the right audience.
- it will help people get a better idea of what participants and carers can expect from coming along to a Wheels For session.
- it may increase the number of volunteers to the project as they know more about it.
- it may increase our donations and sponsorship.
- it will help as part of the evaluation for the project.

Minimum commitment
half day
Ideal commitment:
2 days