Finance Support -Remote

Area of opportunity: Finance
Opportunity description:

*This role can take place remotely.

We are looking for someone with finance skills to help us get organised and to support us with the following tasks:

- Creating an easy to use system for us to record financial information
- Setting up spreadsheets
- Creating a form to record expenses

Could you support us with some of these tasks?

We will make sure you have:

- Access to the information that you need, in order to complete the tasks
- Have someone available to answer any questions you may have
- Flexibility about where and when you work on the task as the task can be completed remotely
- A certificate which details the volunteering you have done with us

You will have the chance to:

- Share your skills and experience with us to help us improve our administration
- Meet our group and understand more about our work
- Attend any training we are offering for volunteers (if this is of interest to you)
- Work with an organisation that values equality and diversity

Difference this will make to the group:

It will enable us concentrate on the activities of our group and once we have systems set up it really help us to stay organised.

Minimum commitment
half day
Ideal commitment:
Half a day