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Website Development

Area of opportunity: Web development
Opportunity description:

We have recently created a new website for The Rugby College and we want someone with knowledge and experience of website design/user experience to help us improve it.

We would like from you…

 Test our website and give us feedback, from a user perspective
 Advise us about how we can make the site more user friendly and effective
 Help us to optimise the website so that it is easy to find via search engines
 Help us to prioritise tasks, in terms of changes/improvements to the site

We will make sure you have…

 A face to face meeting with us to understand more about The Rugby College
 Someone you can speak to by email/phone whilst you are working on the task
 Access to any information you may need for this piece of work

You will have the chance to…

 Use your website know-how to help us promote our courses to a wider audience
 Learn more about how The Rugby College changes people’s lives and meet some of the young people involved
 Come along to one of our training sessions to see our teams in action (if you’d like to)

Difference this will make to the group:

We will have a website that is easy to use and that showcases the work that we do. We hope that this will help to increase the reach of our work so that more young people and a greater diversity of young people are aware of what we do and how to access our courses.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
1 day