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Could you support us to create a marketing strategy?

Area of opportunity: Marketing
Opportunity description:

Our Pedal Away rides are pitched at a low level so that anyone can join in no matter when the last time you got on a bike was. They are social rides every Thursday aimed to turn people from dubious beginner to independent confident cyclist! The project is starting in Irlam & Cadishead on a Tuesday and Thursday but aims to develop to offer evening and weekend rides along with expanding to the Walkden and east Salford areas.

We would like someone to:

• Share some marketing and public relations knowledge with our Salford volunteer teams - Wheels for All and Pedal Away which is a project in Salford
• help us to define our target audiences of people who would be ideal for our services
• help us to research potential referral organisations or groups of people
• share and suggest marketing tactics of how to engage our target audience
• help us to understand marketing and creating a simple marketing strategy for Salford.

We will make sure you:

• Have the opportunity to meet team members and receive a brief about what we need, the work we do and who we would like to engage with in our Salford projects.

You will have the chance to:

• share your skills and knowledge
• learn more about Pedal Away, Wheels For All and Cycling Projects
• actively support the project to grow, develop and be heading in the right direction
• gain a better understanding of the voluntary sector in the city.

Although the address for this opportunity is listed as Prince's Park, this is a role that can be done remotely via phone consultation or via meetings at your office or a community location. It may also be useful for you to come along to one of our sessions to get a better understanding of the service.

Difference this will make to the group:

Having a marketing strategy in place will support us in a number of ways:

- It will help increase participation which means more people will have the chance to benefit from the health and social aspects of the project
- It will allow us to learn what works and what doesn’t and apply that to other projects
- It may increase the number of volunteers taking part in the project which will allow us to offer more rides in more areas.

Minimum commitment
1 day
Ideal commitment:
3 days