The Skill Givers project aims to make the most of volunteer time offered by employer supported volunteering schemes for everyone involved. We do this by working with local voluntary and community groups, sports clubs, charities and social enterprises, across Manchester and Salford, to identify where they really need support. 

These requests are then developed into short-term opportunities, often one day, for individual employee volunteers to complete tasks and projects that will provide the chance to share skills, learn new ones and really make a lasting difference to a group.

If you would benefit from support in this way with existing tasks or changes that have resulted from Covid-19, get in touch.

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Who can get involved?

All voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises across Manchester and Salford can get involved! 

If you are unsure or have any questions about whether you are able to join the project please contact the Skill Givers Project Coordinator and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.


How can employer supported volunteering help?

Want to find out more about how employer support volunteering could support your group? Visit our case studies page and see how other groups have benefitted!

Many companies offer their employees, who have professional skills and expertise in many areas such as administration, marketing, finance, accountancy or planning, time off to volunteer as part of an employee supported volunteering programme. Skill Givers works with local voluntary groups, clubs, community groups, charities and social enterprises, who support their community to get active and would benefit this short-term support from employees with valuable skills

Research and feedback have suggested that group volunteering, doing manual tasks, isn't always what groups need - skills are.  There is a lot of support on offer and it all adds up! We want to work with you to find the best way to make the most of this for everyone involved.

For example:

If an employer has 1000 employees, each who is given two days off per year to volunteer, that’s 2000 days or FIVE AND A HALF YEARS of support available to the VCSE sector PER YEAR! And that’s just one employer!




What kind of volunteer roles would be suitable for Skill Givers?

The Skill Givers project aims to make the most of employer supported volunteering for everyone involved. We do this by supporting you to identify short-term opportunities, often one day, for individual employee volunteers to complete tasks and projects that will make a lasting difference to you.

The project allows you to request support and skills to help you complete those 'need to do' tasks and projects on your wish list - What would you do if you had more time, more resources or support from someone with specialist skills? We are also focusing on supporting with tasks that have resulted from Covid-19. Have you had to change how you deliver your services?

The opportunities we think would be most suitable are short projects that could take place over 1, 2 or 3 days. As employee volunteers may get involved at different times, we suggest that groups upload requests for support that would be an ‘added extra’, rather than a task that needs completing by a certain date. An exception to this may be event volunteering where we would just suggest that you also see volunteer support from other places along with the Skill Givers site. 

There are many areas that you can request support in, based on the specific needs of your group, please find a list of example tasks other groups have requested support with here.

Once you are signed up to Skill Givers there are templates available for a range of opportunities for you to use as a starting point and edit. 

Want a better idea of the kind of support other groups have asked for?


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Benefits of getting involved:

  • access to volunteers with a range of skills to offer 
  • support to grow and develop your group
  • support to identify potential short-term volunteering opportunities 
  • the opportunity to raise awareness of your group  
  • the opportunity to shape the development of the Skill Givers project - we want to find the best way for the project to work for everyone involved. 


We have a number of resources available to support you register with Skill Givers and get involved.


Once you are registered as a group you will also have access to:

  • A 'how to' guide for the whole of the website

  • Template opportunities that you can edit to suit your needs. 


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