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Employer Supported Volunteering is when an organisation provides the opportunity for their employees to get involved in volunteering projects within work time through individual employee opportunities or as a group.

Whether you are looking to introduce employer supported volunteering into your organisation for the first time, or are looking for a way to make the most of your employees volunteering days, Skill Givers can help.

Why get involved?

Benefits to your employees 

Skill Givers gives employees the opportunity to build their skills whilst making a positive contribution to the community. Employer supported volunteering has been shown to: 

- increase employee engagement
- improve staff morale
- improve employee skills
- improve wellbeing
- improve confidence and communication.

Employer supported volunteering is set to grow over the next few years.

By getting involved now, you can demonstrate the commitment you have to supporting the community. 

Community connections

Employer supported volunteering with local groups has been shown to:

- improve understanding of local communities
- result in a more positive brand reputation
- demonstrate commitment to the community.

More effective volunteering opportunities 

Skill Givers has a purpose built online volunteering system to make finding opportunities as easy as possible. The project is delivered in partnership with two experienced organisations and will develop to take on board feedback from both businesses and groups involved.

What we offer

The Skill Givers project wants to create a service that is effective and makes it as easy as possible for businesses to provide opportunities for their employees to use their valuable skills to support the community.

Getting involved in the Skill Givers project will give your business:

- access to a purpose built online system with a range of short-term volunteering or micro-volunteering opportunities for your employees to get involved in - many of which can be completed in one day
- support to engage employees in the project
- a reporting feature so you can track your businesses volunteering hours
- the opportunity to share the support your business has provided in a range of ways
- the benefit of expertise in this sector.

To find out more information or to register your interest in getting involved please get in touch.

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